Friday, March 08, 2013

My Next Prediction: Tesla Model S for the win

The Tesla Model S is the next game changer.

I do not frequently make predictions, but I don't see how the world can stay the same old, same old after Elon & co. rolled this thing out.

Last time I wrote about a game changer was a bit over 3 years ago about Apple's introduction of the first iPad model. Was I right? I don't know, you be the judge. Have any computer manufacturers struggled or gone out of business since then? Have millions upon millions of iPads been sold?

Anyhow... the facts now: the Tesla Model S is affordable to richer folks right now, and it runs COMPLETELY and ENTIRELY without using any gasoline. Not one single drop. Fuck you, Exxon-Mobil. Every single mile driven in one of these cars is powered by pure electricity, which could potentially be powered 100% by solar, wind and hydro sources. In fact, with the Tesla provided, solar powered, free (ok, really "included in the rather high sticker price") so-called super-charging stations scattered about the highways of America, you may be able to charge your car entirely on their dime and the constant influx of power from our brilliant closest star. Last time I checked, the sun keeps rising every day.

Personally, I cannot afford one yet. But as soon as I can, or as soon as they come out with a $20k or $30k model, sign me the fuck up. This car's the future, and I've wanted it since I was a kid.

The writing's on the wall. The future is now. The oil & gas companies can kiss the long run goodbye right now. And the other car companies can follow Tesla's lead, or say bye bye real soon. It's a new game, starting now.