Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hello, April 13th: Back on the Saddle

Hello, tentative neighborhood SUV driver, afraid that I may veer in front of him before he turns the very same corner I'm aiming for... step on the gas already, this is supposed to be cardio!

Hello, line of cars waiting to pass through the one-lane railroad underpass.

Hello, smell of cigarette smoke wafting from cars waiting at traffic lights (although I'd rather that you hadn't said hello to me first).

Hello, field. Weren't there trees or brush here before?

Hello, construction site of new "senior apartment complex."

Hello, goose from Canada floating on the pond.

Hello, red-winged blackbird.

Hello, overpopulation of Shenendehowa school buses at one intersection.

Hello, hill.

Whoosh! Downhill's always more fun.

Boring flat part, not much to say hello to here.

Hello, northway traffic.

Hello, S curves: last burst of cardio for now.

Hello, parking lot.

"Hey Ken! How ya doin'?"

Sigh. Hello, work place.

Stay healthy out there!
- Cycler Dave

1 comment:

Rob said...

Hello cyclist Dave.

Hello longer life!

If I biked to work it would take about half a day to get there. :-(

Way to go, keep it up, you won't regret it.