Saturday, March 31, 2012


March, 2012: it was weird around here. It was just as warm as June or September usually is for about two weeks right in the middle of the month.

But that was mostly a good thing: I started riding my bike to work early this year, the week after we changed the clocks to what the Europeans call "summer time." (Stupid time changing. But that's another topic...)

RunKeeper tells me I've made 6 round trips to work on my bike this month. I swear I did 7, though: I must have forgotten to use the RunKeeper on one of my commutes that first week, because I swear I did 2 the first week, then 3, then 2 again. Apparently I only tracked one of those ones the first week, though. Maybe I didn't have enough battery power that day. I can't remember, it was a few weeks ago already.

Proud of this, though: I already cracked 40 minutes on one ride in this month.

Rock on.


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