Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The End Approacheth: One Week Until 11:11 am on June 11...

Less than one week to go. At this time next week, we will find out whether ActiViz .NET has enough financial support to continue, or whether it will hibernate until somebody comes along and gives it a resurrecting kick.

I'm talking, of course, about my kickstarter project again. I just updated the project page with some pictures and some explanations that my non-geek "regular people" friends have a chance of understanding.

Check it out, and most importantly, share this link with your geek friends. And your friends who have geek friends. (They're the ones most likely to know somebody who actually uses ActiViz .NET...)


If we don't hit the goal of $11,000, then NO money changes hands and the project will remain unfunded. Please help spread the word if you can: I don't want YOUR money. I want you to tell the people who really need this thing to fly, just so they become aware of it. And then I want THEIR money.

So ... even if you already shared the link two weeks ago: share it again. There's so much stuff flying past everybody these days, it's easy to miss things. A little repetition doesn't hurt.

Thanks, friends!

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