Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Solstice

15:56, 15:17, 14:45, 13:44. Guess which one is the hours and minutes between sunrise and sunset for me today, here in the Miami area, right around summer solstice? You got it: 13:44. The angle between the horizon and the arc the sun follows across the sky here today will be 87 degrees, taking the sun nearly directly overhead at its zenith. I've got less sunshine than you, my northern friend, but it's more direct and intense, and we get more heat resulting from the sunshine we do get.

The other numbers apply to my friends in the Albany, NY area (15:17), Seattle (15:56), and San Francisco, too (14:45).

Enjoy the sunshine today, friends. Personally, I can't wait till winter solstice is here again...

Today's moon is waxing crescent, by the way.

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