Monday, March 01, 2010

Must Have Windows Software

Whenever I get a new computer running Windows, like I am today at work, the first thing I download and install on it is Firefox. Then, using Firefox, I have to download and install the following shet of shtuff to make it programmer friendly. This is my way of avoiding being ripped to shreds by the open source sharks for actually having paid money for a computer running Windows... Actually, to avoid that completely, I'd have to install emacs or gvim, too. But I won't do that until somebody else has to use the computer and looks like he's floundering without it.

Must haves:
  • Process Explorer
  • notepad++
  • PuTTY
  • VNC
  • CMake
  • TortoiseCVS, including CVSNT command line client
  • TortoiseSVN
  • SVN command line client, usually the CollabNet one
  • Git, the msys one
And then, the hard core development tool:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio, whatever version(s) necessary to do my job...
And then, as necessary, but only as necessary:
  • xampp, for a localhost web server
  • NSIS, the installer builder
  • doxygen
  • graphviz
  • ActiveState Python
  • ActiveState Perl
  • ActiveState Tcl
  • MagicDisc, or similar ISO image mounting utility

notepad++ -- like notepad, but seriously OD'd on steroids: all kinds of built-in language syntax highlighting

VNC -- if I'm lucky, one that includes a free server so I can access the Windows box from other computers... if not, then at least RealVNC client so I can access other machines

Anybody out there have any other "must haves" that belong on a Windows box?

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