Wednesday, June 08, 2011

iPad Only, Bring It!

I'm ready for the future. I'm ready for the day when an iPad will be my only computer. The only thing that I cannot do on the iPad *today* that I still need to do on a "real computer" is... write programs for the iPad. And for the other pesky computers that remain on my desks at work and at home. Unfortunately, that writing sort of pays for the rest of my life right now, so I'll have to keep at it for a bit.

This is absolutely amazing to me. I know I predicted when they first announced the iPad a year and a half ago that it would be a death knell for the personal computer as we've known it. But I didn't really think it could actually happen quite so fast. Now that I've been using an iPad for about two months since getting one at work, I'm quite convinced: it is definitely the way of the future.

There is no reason whatsoever that regular people should buy anything but iPads or their progeny from now on. There's no turning back. It's a brave new world: I'm embracing it; you should too.


cr said...

It's a device for consumption, not creation, unless you add a keypad, at which point, you have a PC.

Last month, I read an entire book on mine, and kept review notes in the Notes app, but switching apps all the time is very clunky, and typing on the thing is a pain, but I did it!

I also like Microsoft's (Ballmer?) point about a stylus being good for notetaking in meetings, because typing on an iPad in front of other people is rude. It is!

I think if you create a higher-res iPad and include a stylus for finer work, you get closer to an all purpose device.

David said...

Add a keyboard if you like, but I think it's totally capable to handle creation of content... If you can't create content on it, it's not the device's fault.

Matt @ Typidee said...

I don't see why adding a bluetooth keyboard or even a wireless mouse is a bad thing. Because they're wireless, they can be there when you want them and gone when you don't.

Put differently, if you need to create significant amounts of meda (and need more PC-like functionality), use the peripherals. If you're mostly consuming, leave them behind.

Personally, I'd like to see two things. 1. Support in the iPad IOS for a mouse. 2. High res video out for use with external monitors.

If I had those two things, then the iPad becomes a portable CPU that can adapt to my I/O needs as appropriate. No real need for a full laptop any more at all. In fact, if I need more horsepower, then just remote into another machine that's more suited to the task at hand.